Dry extraction cleaning cleans carpets like never before!

Our Guaranteed Dry-Extraction Method...

The Wool-Safe® method uses counter-rotating brushes and microscopic sponges to clean deep into your carpet and prevent stains from re-appearing. The process uses less than 3 tablespoons of moisture per square yard. Most methods use over two gallons per square yard!

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on our Dry-Extraction Method

Up-Front Pricing

CottageCare® gives you the total price over the phone. No add-on sales pitch once we get there. You get a carpet cleaning pro -- not a salesperson!

Allergens Be gone!

Our dry-extraction carpet cleaning method reduces air-borne allergens. It impedes the mold, dust mites, and mildew development that wet-cleaning processes actually encourage!

Healthier for your carpet & your family!

  • • Non-Toxic
  • • Non-Irritating
  • • No more waiting for carpets to dry out!
  • • No shrinking
  • • No seam-splitting
  • • No soapy residue or "mud" in the pad!